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Eco-friendly Products

Environment friendly capacitors

Nippon Chemi-Con always considers the environment in product materials, designs and manufacturing. In fact, our factories already have received ISO 14000 certificate. Cadmium, Mercury, Hexavalent Chromium, PBB and PBDE have never been used in our products. Furthermore, lead-containing materials have been eliminated from all our aluminum electrolytic capacitors including Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors to comply with RoHS. If you need "Halogen-Free" products, please consult with us.

Lead free and Non-PVC Products

1. Lead wire (Plating)

Category Plating material on lead wires
Original typeLead-free type
case code : B55 to JA0Sn-PbSn-Bi
case code : KE0 to MN0Sn100%
Radialcase dia : ~ Φ8Sn-Bi
case dia : Φ10 ~ Sn100%
Screw-MountOriginally lead freeOriginally lead free

*Please consult us when you need "Lead-free parts" other than the above mentioned terminal plating materials.
(Note) Pb : lead, Sn : Tin, Bi : Bismuth

2. Sleeve

CategorySleeve material
Original typeLead-free type
Surface MountSleeveless (Resin case)Sleeveless (Resin case)
RadialΦ8 x 5LSleeveless (Coating case)Sleeveless (Coating case)
exceptΦ8 x 5LPVCPET
Screw-MountPVCPVC (Lead-free)

* Please consult us when you need "Non-PVC parts" other than the above mentioned outer sleeve materials.
The colors of a PET sleeve are "Black", "Brown", and "Dark blue".
Standard designs of "lead-free" Snap-in type are not equipped with a plastic disc.
Please consult with us when you need nonflammable grade for outer sleeve material.
Identification for the environmental friendly parts is classified by supplement code (18th digits) of the part number.
For details, please refer to "Product code guide" for each type.

Regarding compliance for European REACH Regulation

According to the content of RIP3.8TGD (Technical Guidance Document) which is published on 26 May 2008, our electronic components are "articles without any intended release". Therefore they are not applicable for "Registration" for European REACH Regulation Article 7 (1).

Reference: Electrolytic Condenser Investigation Society "Study of REACH Regulation in EU about Electrolytic Capacitor" (publicized on 13 March 2008)

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