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What Is Capacitor?

Essential Electronic Component for Daily Life

Capacitors have vital functions such as building up electricity, passing alternating current while blocking direct current, and absorbing noise that causes glitches in electric devices. Capacitors are assorted to several types including ceramic capacitors and tantalum capacitors according to materials used, and each of them have their specialties.
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, our main product line, have outstanding features compared with other capacitors: Storing large amounts of electricity, enabling to make products in various sizes, and being versatile enough to be used in home appliances, information communication devices, automobiles, and industrial devices.
Around 1000 aluminum electrolytic capacitors are used in your home. It is an essential electronic component for our daily lives.

Capacitor Sales by Market

Structure of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

The figure below shows the basic structure of aluminum electrolytic capacitor.
Separator sheets are placed between aluminum electrode foil with lead wires, and rolled up. This roll is then impregnated with electrolyte and inserted into an aluminum case, sealed up with a rubber seal. Characteristics including voltage are written on the aluminum case armor.
Materials boxed in red are developed and manufactured in-house, and that is the strong point of Nippon Chemi-Con. More detailed explanation on our material development is provided in "Nippon Chemi-Con's Strength".