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Research and Development

"Seeds" for "Only One" : Basic Research

Capacitor requires technologically-sophisticated materials ranging from aluminum electrode foil, electrolyte and rubber seals which work as a sealing material. Development capability is what brings a breakthrough in electronic components. Nippon Chemi-Con is dedicated to the basic research on capacitor materials. We are nurturing the seeds for "only one" products.

Essence of Leading Company: Product Development

Electronics keep advancing with repeated engineering innovations, and the same is true of electronic components. In order to respond to the expectations from the market, it is necessary to develop new products on a timely basis. Nippon Chemi-Con enables speedy product development in collaboration with the material development section. Also, our high quality production starts at the design phase. With the development of new products of high value, we provide robust support for our clients' equipment design, and contribute to the development of electronic industry.

Creativity to Cast Original Idea Into Shape: Manufacturing Technology

It is the manufacturing technology that supports integrated manufacturing system covering from materials to finished products. Many manufacturing facilities of Nippon Chemi-Con were developed in-house as it is vital to have inventive manufacturing facilities to produce ingenious products in perfect conditions. We also focus on high-precision facilities that enable both high quality and productivity, manufacturing systems that can flexibly handle a wide variety of products in small quantities, and the development of eco-friendly power-saving facilities. Nippon Chemi-Con is developing manufacturing facilities, looking beyond production lines to understand our customers' needs.